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SaveMe ohWhat was briefly your experience in Second Life?
I came in out of curiosity in SL and discovered that it is a perfect space to create, try out and realise various artistic projects at very low costs and without very much limitations. So I end up building, performing, making movies, photographs and writing a blog about it.

When did you discover your artistic passion?
I always loved music, theatre and all kinds of arts and discover already on a young age the importance and power of art as it is in our money driven society that puts consumption as the main goal in life the perfect tool to make people view things on another way than how we are programmed.

Do you practice the art only in SL or in RL also ?
After playing in the theatre myself I am now a director of theatre. Our group has an own theatre where we work and last year I used SL in a real life theatreplay.

Where do you scoop the inspiration for your works in SL?
When you are an artist and trained to have an open eye everything can be an inspiration, it’s like a permanent input that fights to be used.

What are the main features of your works?
I like to use the special advantage of virtual worlds, so not recreate everything we already know from RL, but use the special options they give us like wearing the things you build, animate it and create environments that only can exist in SL.

Is there a theme or a key to the works you exhibit here in ArtEdLand?
Theme is: You are the art! What can you build to wear.

What is your prediction for the evolution of artistic languages ​​in SL?
When the systems of Open Sims start to work and could be connected we could share a permanent artistic environment.

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