Gem Preiz Interview

What was briefly your experience in Second Life?

I discovered SL during a business trip in the US in february 2007, and back to France, I created an avatar. From the beginning until today, I have been using SL mainly as a communication tool and as a way to meet and chat with people from anywhere in the world. Talking on a daily basis with english-speaking persons made me improve my english, and that helped me a lot in my professional RL. After a while I started exploring Sims and enjoying builders’ wonderful works, including those of Linden Lab, who create amazing mainlands, the development of which I follow up thanks to the big map. Then in the most recent periods, I turned to the artistic domain, first visiting galleries (I specially remember NMC Campus West where I got stunned in front of Fiona Leitner’s works and Timamoon Gallery where I couldn’t imagine to exhibit myself one day), and since september 2012 heading into showing my own works

When did you discover your artistic passion?

I came to art over the years thanks to some key people in my RL. Some good friends of mine are amateur painters creating wonderful abstracts, and some others made me discover modern and contemporary arts in the last 10 years. I was initially more attracted by litterature to try to express my feelings and emotions, but it happened that I first got in touch with the digital imaging possibilities, when changes in my RL provided me plenty of leisure time. Now I spend it traveling and making photographs, going to RL exhibitions, and creating.

Do you practice the art only in SL or in RL also ?

I am not good at building or sculpting. I limit myself to create the exhibition halls and for more complex build, I get help from some good SL friends. All what I am showing on SL comes from the works I create in RL. Second Life provides a unique opportunity to show one’s works to a broad audience, and the artistic world on SL is amazingly dynamic. It offers to an artist something it would take years to obtain in RL.

Where do you scoop the inspiration for your works in SL?

The relation between Mankind and Universe is the main subject of my works. I feel some kind of a vertigo thinking how unsignificant is a man body in the universe, but at the same time, realizing that thanks to the special arrangement of molecules that makes us as we are, we are able to understand how the whole Universe works, what it is made of and how it is ruled. Of course we don’t have yet all the keys but the progresses are stunningly fast, relatively to Historic Times. Man’s imagination power is also something which upsets me, our ability to create, to innovate, to imagine, to foresee. That is something which makes us very different to other living creatures, and I enjoy using this capability extensively.  Universe itself fascinates me, at large scale, but also at the Planet level.

What are the main features of your works?

So far, I created mainly abstracts and fractals. I started with the images you can see in “Artwork Planet” exhibition. Fractals are my most recent works and I am going on creating in this domain for future exhibitions early 2013. In asbtracts, what I specially love are textures and colors. it is more an esthetical research. In fractals, I love to play with complexity. These images have such a suggestive power, I love to try to catch the glance without letting the eyes in peace, and give the spectators infinite opportunities for imagination to wander.

Is there a theme or a key to the works you exhibit here in ArtEdLand?

They are an extract of 35 images from a 100 images book I created titled “Abstractions”. It was followed by two other books, 100 pages each as well : “Dunes” and “Mineralia”  (they are not for sale in RL). Depending on the success of the current exhibition, I will organize two other ones, based on the said books. I consider these images more as photographs of the Planet than artworks that I would have created, even if some of them have been heavily digitally enhanced. Apart from that, the key word for this exhibition is, Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s foundation, for the benefit of which it is made. I hope many people will come and contribute. I will give of course to everyone evidence that their contribution really go to the foundation. All my wishes would be fulfilled if prople love a bit more our Planet after having visited the exhib.

What is your prediction for the evolution of artistic languages in SL?

I have been so talkative, and this is such a difficult question … I will let it without answer. First I have still so much to discover from other artists on SL, and secondly it probably depends a lot on Linden Lab innovations in the next versions.

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