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Judi Lynn – Evolution

Evolution of Judi Lynn – interview

Judi Lynn ManifestWhat was briefly your experience in Second Life?
I came into Second Life after reading about another artist who used Second Life successfully to enhance his real life art career. I thought it was a great idea! I immediately set up a small gallery, was finally noticed by others and started receiving invitations to show my work. I now have my own large galleries and host other artists as well as show my own. I’ve been in SL for almost five years now.

Do you practice the art only in SL or in RL also ?
Yes, I am an artist in Real Life and show my real paintings in Second Life. I also provide the link to SL residents who want to purchase prints of my paintings from my websites.
Many of my paintings can be bought from Fine Art  and

Where do you scoop the inspiration for your works in SL?
The inspiration for all of my work comes from within me. My vision is driven by my love of color, texture and organic form. I suppose a lot of that is inspired by nature, though I don’t normally illustrate things that I “see” outside of myself.  Often, my mood will determine what colors I choose.  The paintings come to life as I work on them.

What are the main features of your works?
The main features of my paintings would be organic forms and colorful, layered textures.

Is there a theme or a key to the works you exhibit here in ArtEdLand?
The works I’m exhibiting here at ArtEdLand are from different years of my art development, so there is no one theme. It begins with work that I did completely in acrylic paint on canvas and brings us to the work I’m doing now which is all digitally painted with a stylus on my drawing tablet.

What is your prediction for the evolution of artistic languages ​​in SL?
In the years that I have been in Second Life, I’ve watched the arts community move from a large group of real life painters to a majority of second life photographers. Second Life has a history of going through peaks and valleys in it’s usership and I think many of the real life painters have run their course and gone on to other real life activities. For now, I think we will see more images of Second Life celebrated within Second Life until a new wave of real life painters finds their way into this virtual world.  Over the years, I’ve also enjoyed talented interactive art such as that of Bryn Oh. Bryn creates environments that are immersive and allow the user to walk through the scenes of her imagination.  Another such artist was Binary Quandry who creates sculptures that respond to the avatar when approached, and Feathers Boa who does the same with digital paintings.. I am hopeful other such inventive artists will bless us with their creativity in the future as virtual technology advances and allows for even greater ideas and abilities.



Judi Lynn at ArtEdLand – 12 October 2014

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