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Modelli Palladiani – Le ville

Nino Vichan “Desert Abstract” – 15 aprile 2014

Nino Vichan presenta “Desert Abstract” una serie di elaborazioni fotografiche ispirate al deserto.

In collaborazione con la Maison d’Aneli e ArtEdLand l’inaugurazione è prevista per il giorno 15 aprile 2014 alle ore 21:00 CET (12:30 SLT)










Nino wrote about his work:

I created these abstract images as a reflection on my recent sojourn to the desert and mountain ranges of Nevada.  These images express my inner thoughts and feelings from that profound experience and go beyond the quotidian impressions of my visual sensory channel.
With awe and solemn wonderment I became transfixed by the brilliance of the stars.

The White Spectral Line

The white line down the center of the stone hard pavement
pierced the vast, endless stretches of the high plateau
with the exactitude
of a surveyor’s laser sharp precision

The unyielding pavement carved a void
in which the velocity I traveled became
silent and still

The white spectral line fractured into a multitude of wave lengths;
setting the dormant colors careening through my visual cortex

I was lifted into the deep, enveloping, cobalt blue immensity
that etched the boundary of sky and earth
beyond the vanishing point of my perception

The clear white light of the sun
bathed the reddish brown soil of the high desert plateau,
miles above sea level,
with a solar energy
that liberated the refracted spectral waves
and set them shimmering

The intoxicatingly thin,
pure white air
vibrated with the deep reds and ethereal yellows
that were released from the dry cracked earth
in a riot of constantly blending hues
of orange and ochre

As evening fell, the shadows deepened
and reveled the rough-hewn textures of earth and sand
melding into the craggy purple rock sentinels
that stood as silent witnesses
to the plummeting temperatures,

as the frozen night air arrested all living movement




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